This is the time to embrace the act of caring. Sharing is caring and this is basic human decency. Check on your friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors and even your daily essential providers such as the mama mbogas and security guards at your home estate even if they haven’t checked on you. These are stressful times and caring shouldn’t be a competition.

Covid-19 pandemic is reminding us to be human. This virus is transmitted by human contact, an observable fact which explains to us that we are dependent of each other in good and bad times credence to the adage no man is an island. One of the measures that curbs the spread of the virus is social distancing in response to minimize contact which has led to a curfew in Kenya and a lockdown in some countries. This tells us that the actions of each and every person adds up and will determine whether the disease spreads or not.

When it is finally over, let us not forget the brighter side in making the world a better place to live in. And if not so, life will never be the same again, we’ll have to accept to live with it where a radical change of behavior is no longer optional.

Published by Shirley

Here for a good time

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