I’ve been trying to write something but I’ve just ended up deleting everything I come up with. So, here’s something, not a long read. Just a short story.

One of the most memorable days back in high school was when I was in my last year. That is the time when people (the society) expects the most from you but then there was me, who didn’t give a damn about anything. However much I didn’t play a major role in stage, drama club was where my heart belonged.

I schooled in the western part of Kenya where our school’s drama plays are know to be controversial. Well..up to this point, I guess you already know where I learnt. I didn’t understand why our director detested the police service which he termed as “the eagles” until when I saw it all happening.

Two years back, we staged a play “It is well”..twas about police brutality against innocent citizens. https://youtu.be/nA1FR9LHG6ob. “The eagles”ought to know that a human approach is essential when handling the civilians. We are not supposed to be treated, punished in a cruel, inhuman and degrading manner. But how we’ll they even know about this when 99% of them are allegedly “D” materials who ended up in a police force instead of a police service.

The very people meant to be protecting us are the ones killing us in the name of “provocation”. This hasn’t happened once or twice… Police and policing structures only protect the state, property and capital, not you and me. Reform is no longer an option. Abolish it all! Otherwise we are slowly planting seeds of enemity in our hearts between us the civilians and “the eagles”. The power they have is not meant to threaten, intimidate or take away innocent lives. We need peaceful co- existence and this can only be done when justice is served.

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