You know it is funny how time flies that it seems like everything just happened yesterday with hours turning in to days, days in to weeks, weeks in to months and finally months in to years. As I write this it is the 19th of January, 2021 definitely. It is not my typical day but instead one of those days you feel like you want to sit down and reconsider your life and all the choices in it. And it is crazy how one decision can change your life forever, all the plans you made slip away so now you accept a new reality. However in this life we don’t always get to choose. We make so many mistakes, screw up and keep telling ourselves that we’ll get better next time.

I am so excited but at the same time feeling ambivalent to jump in the second phase of life…I mean the twenties. This is because age comes with responsibility and maturity as people call it. Birthdays are very much important. I am so extra on mine especially when it comes to treating me. I even start saving up in advance before the D-Day to buy something I have always wanted. You might as well plan yours too. Pick your favorite restaurant, reserve yourself a table. Buy yourself something you have always wanted. Put on your best outfit, some make up on if you do and lastly do not forget to take lots of pictures for memories. With that said, surprise me with anything if you can.

Nineteen has taught me many lessons; most important of all putting God first over everything along with learning to choose love, peace and gratitude. It has also given me reasons to show up as me everyday and more than anything to breathe and enjoy life because life is happening now. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! My word for the year is INTENTIONALLY. Intentionally change your thought process and your tactics, intentionally work smart, intentionally risk starting up that business, intentionally choosing peace of mind and lastly intentionally not settling for less.

P.S: For those who do not know the date, it is on 28th January. Thank you in advance 😄. Have you thought about your word of the year?What is it?

❤️ &💡,


Published by Shirley

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